It is important that Sports and leisure facilities take the risk of Legionella and water hygiene. Sports and leisure facilities are often used on a seasonal basis or will go through periods of low use and therefore will have periods of low water usage which can significantly increase the risk associated with legionella growth and bacterial proliferation in the water system.

Further to this, some venues will have water containing equipment that also encourages bacterial growth including legionella. Communal showers and spa baths, for example, all increase the risk of exposure.

Whether your site is a small golf course, a 60,000 seater stadium or a public park there are many water containing systems that will need to be assessed and will require a routine management system to ensure the risks are suitably managed and maintained.

Sports and leisure facilities will always offer particular challenges in Legionella risk management and BRIO Group are leisure industry specialists.

Hotels are particularly susceptible to colonization by legionellae because of their large size, their complexity and also their seasonal use patterns (which mean they may have long periods of stagnation and low use).

Preventive and control measures follow the same procedures identified for other buildings; for example, they involve removing dead and blind ends, maintaining elevated temperatures in the hot-water system, and periodic disinfection and permanent chlorination of the cold-water system.

Whether you are responsible for a small leisure centre, gymnasium or national stadium. We are able to provide legionella risk assessment and management services that will keep your water supply safe, both in and out of season.


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