Swimming Pool Practical Pool Plant Training


Developing the theoretical knowledge and understanding gained from completing the Pool Plant Operators course with actual practical experience in your spite specific environment. The candidates will complete all the various daily, weekly and monthly tasks on their own plant and equipment allowing the candidates to practice the essential skills required on the equipment at their facility.

The course will be completely sited specific and aimed at further developing the knowledge and the confidence of operators on their own equipment.
Guided learning hours will vary according to the size of the facility and will be in the region of 4hrs – 7hrs.


The candidates will be able to complete/demonstrate practical tasks and checks required to complete daily and weekly tasks. The tasks will vary according to the actual plant and equipment and will be based on the

following areas:

  • Chemical – safety training, storage, usage, top-ups, dosing pump operation, hand dosing operation
  • Filtration systems and backwashing processes,
  • Chemical controllers – daily checks, cleaning, calibration
  • UV / Ozone system – daily checks, inspections
  • Cleaning – strainer baskets, skimmer baskets, inline filters, injectors, deck level channels
  • Water testing – standard levels and water balance tests
  • Pumps – regaining prime, general maintenance


The assessment will vary according to the plant and equipment that the operator has on any given site, it will be based on the site-specific outcome for the learner and they will need to demonstrate the completion of the task, if this is not possible due to operational constraints then talk the tutor through / simulate the process.

Entry Requirements
The candidates will have previously completed the pool plant operator’s qualification.


The qualification is not a regulated qualification and is certified through Pool Training Services, it is recommended for all plant operators who are newly pool plant qualified.

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