The eight-hour Swimming Pool Water Treatment qualification is more in-depth than a water testing course; covering the basic principles of the treatment of swimming pool water and enabling them to correctly test swimming pool and spa water.

This qualification is ideal for those who complete routine water testing and need to have a general knowledge of swimming pool water treatment. It’s also the perfect stepping stone for those considering a career in pool maintenance and management before they embark on our full Pool Plant Operations course.

How Will the Qualification Benefit You?

  • Created by STA’s pool plant experts to provide you with quality training
  • Regulated by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA in Northern Ireland
  • Will give you the knowledge and support the management, maintenance and testing regimes of a swimming pool or spa
  • Looks great on a CV when applying for jobs that will require water testing and treatment.

When You Get Your Qualification

  • It lasts for 5 years.

How to Take Your Qualification Further

Now you understand the basics of pool water treatment and feel confident with what was covered, why not look at the full Pool Plant Operations qualification?


Please email for more information and to book your place.

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