Swimming Pool Chemical Safety

Guided learning hours 8

Entry Requirements

• There are no specific entry requirements.
• The course covers the following units:
• Understanding the law
• PWTAG guidelines
• What chemicals we use and why
• Chemical dosing systems automatic and manual
• Manual dosing calculations
• Understanding the importance of pH and incompatible chemicals
• Control measures to reduce the potential risk
• Storage / separation and labelling of chemicals
• What to do in the event of a spillage
• Chemical spillage practical
Qualification Outline – Target Learners:
• Staff working in swimming pool plant operations, organisations who need to be trained to an agreed nationally recognised standard in pool plant chemical operations.
• Those involved in the day-to-day plant operation of a pool water treatment plant.
• Individuals in the industry who wish to have their experience and knowledge recognised by a qualification.

Aim: To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to:

• Be able to safely manage chemicals in a pool plant.


To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to:

• Understand the principles of pool plant chemicals operations.

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